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Having been a plus size woman all my life, I understand the difficulty in obtaining clothing and accessories that are fashionable, affordable and appropriate for the occasion.

Fortunately for me, I have been able to travel and amass a significant quantity of clothing – to say nothing about my desire to dress well in spite of my size. My closet contained clothes from 18-28, as my weight fluctuated.

In 2010, a window of opportunity opened and I passed thru it. Ask me and I will tell you what happened personally, but no, I didn’t do any surgery or radical food programs.  I lost more than 100# and had all these clothes that didn’t fit. 

I was aware of consignment stores, having availed myself of them in the past and thought I would just take my clothing to a consignment store.  Revelation, there was no place that had any quantity of “queen size” clothing and certainly nobody that needed or wanted 600+ garments all at once.  

So, Fit For A Queen was born. We opened downtown on Main Street in December of 2010. Quickly we outgrew the space and relocated to our current location on Stevens Street in September of 2011.  We expanded once again in 2014 to approx. 2500 SF and we carry approximately 11,000 items at any one time and the system is designed so items are only in the store a maximum of 105 days.

2016:  Update on my journey;  I am back into size 14's and know that my dress size is merely a size. It's not the inner me. I am grateful that I am surrounded by beautiful women that share the same path as me.  

We carry name brands and designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Our purses run all the way from wristets to hobo bags and $3.00 to $300.00. Much of our inventory still has the original price tags on them. We are not a unique group in that respect.

Sizes start at large or size 14 and go all the way up to 7X (Larger if available).

I take 2 appointments a day and a maximum of  30 items per appointment. We take walkins on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday when space is available. Please limit your items to 10.

See Queens rules on how to consign.

My aisles are wide to accommodate our size and the racks are on rollers so I can accommodate a wheel chair. Dressing rooms are spacious and every effort is made to treat you like the Queen that you are. 
Remember, if your wardrobe isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me!