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Everyone Has Rules & the Queen is No Different

Thank you for considering consigning with Robbins Retirement, LLC, DBA Fit For A Queen

When considering items to bring in for approval, please make sure they are ready to be tagged and placed on the floor. “Ready to sell” items must meet the following:

​-Clothing must be a minimum size 14 (Large) (there is no maximum size).

​-Clothing must be for women only.

​-Items must be new or gently used in near perfect condition.

​-No stains, tears or excessive wear.

​-Cleaned, washed and pressed within the last 2 weeks.

​-Free of Dust and Dirt.

​-Pants and skirts: Check for dust on the top of the hangar fold.

​-Jackets/Blazers: Check the collars and shoulders for dust and makeup stains.

​-Tanks/Shirts/Dresses: Check the armpits for staining and deodorant marks.


​-Unwrinkled and on Hangers.

​-Your hangers will be returned (If you’re short on hangers, please stop by and pick some up).

​-Jeans and heavy sweaters are ok just folded.

-​In Season  
    February thru August:  Spring and Summer Items
    September thru January: Fall and Winter.

-Purses and handbags are always in season.

-Boots are a Fall and Winter item.

​-Items are only in the store for ninety (90) days, please make sure it’s an appropriate item to be selling during that time.

​-Bathing suits and swimwear, bras, pantyhose (in package), slips and lingerie are always in season. We DO NOT ACCEPT Panties or girdles. 

​-In Style, bought new within the last 2-3 years. We do not accept dated "classic" styles. 

​-Maximum of 30 items per appointment and items must be on hangars. DO NOT BRING ITEMS FOLDED OR UNFOLDED IN BAGS. WE DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

-After your first consignment you can drop in Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday without an appointment. 

-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we take walk ins. LIMIT 10 ITEMS. Please observe and RESPECT the signs in the front window. If we are full and cannot take drop ins, we will tell you.

Some items you may present for consignment may not fit the profile of Fit For A Queen. Please be understanding and respect my decision. A list of other consignment stores may be provided upon request as they may serve your needs more appropriately. We do not accept White Stag, Kathy Lee, George, Faded Glory, JMS, KMart, Old Navy, No Boundaries, Miley Cyrus, OP, L.E.I. or Simply Basic.

I am looking forward to being in a partnership with you to sell your items. If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to call or email.