Frequently Asked Questions

I've never consigned anything, how does this work?

  • Firstly, welcome! Consignment is a service offered by our store to sell your unwanted items. We try to sell your items for you for a specific period of time, and you get a percentage of the sales price after the item sells. We give you either in-store credit or a check. You do own the items when they are in our store and can pick them up any time up to and including their expiration date @ 4:00PM. . Normally the expiration date is about three months after the date you bring the items in for us to sell.

What do you take?

  • We take almost everything! Items that sell best in our store are either current in style (i.e. within the last 2 to 3 years) or are very classic. The types of items we take are: business attire, casual wear, hats, purses, jewelry, active/workout wear, maternity clothes, swim suits, lingerie, coats, jackets, special occasion dresses, and scrubs. Our sizes are 14 (Large) and up. There is no maximum size. Currently we have items in size 8X.

  • Items should come in clean and either neatly folded in a box or a basket or on hangers. You will get your hangers back.

When do you change the seasons about what you take?

​February thru September - Spring and Summer

September thru January - Fall and Winter

We always take Swim Wear, purses and shoes. 

What do you NOT take?

  • We do not take any Wal-Mart brands (Ocean Pacific, White Stag, No Boundaries, George, Faded Glory, Levi Signature, Riders, etc).

  • We limit how many of the following brands we take: Old Navy, Target brands, some JC Penney, Sears & Kohl's brands.

  • Anything with stains, tears or excessive wear, missing buttons or torn.

  • Dirty, smelly, excessively wrinkled or pet hair covered items.

  • Knock-offs. If we can't verify the authenticity of the designer items we can't sell them.

Do you have specific times you accept clothing?

  • We generally accept clothing Monday - Friday from 11:00 to 4:30 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. established consignors  As of January 1, 2016, we are experimenting with drop ins on Tuesday thru Thursday based on time and space available  and limited to 10 or less items. 

How many things can I bring in?

  • We ask that you bring no more than 30 items per appointment. We take up to 30 items at a time based on space available.

Can I just drop in with my clothes?

  • We do allow established consignors to drop in with 5 or 6 ready to sell items with no appointment. If we're currently in the middle of an appointment we will either have you wait or come back.  New consignees may drop in Tuesday thru Thursday with up to 10 items, based on space available. 

What percentage do you take?

  • Normally you get 40% of the sales price for your items. For designer items (i.e. items that retail for more than $150) you will get 50% of the sales price and we limit how much we will discount the price. On certain specialty, hand-made or vintage items we work with the artisan to set the price.

How long do you keep items in the store?

  • Standard items have a minimum of 90 days in the store. We do progressive discounts on those items based on how long they have been in the store. Designer items and specialty items can stay longer.

Will my items go on sale?

  • Yes! To keep our stock moving we do progressive discounts based on how long the item has been in the store. Items are full price for the first month, 25% off during the second month, and then in the third month they are 50% off for the first half, then 75% off for the second half.  

Will you call me when my items sell or are about to expire?

  • No. We have hundreds of consignors and thousands of items in the store. It is your responsibility to keep track of your things. You are emailed a computerized item list as well as access to a website that shows your items as they sell. However you can call, email, or drop in any time to check on your items; it's never a bother! 

Can I pick up my items before they go on sale?

  • Definitely! We allow early pickup for all items. You can pick up you things the day after you consign, and any day up to and including the expiration date @ 4:00PM.  Items left in the store after the expiration date become store property.

What happens if I forget to pick up my items?

  • We keep items in the store for a minimum of 90 days and allow you to pick up those items any time up to and including the expiration date @4:00PM . The day after the items expires they become store property and are subject to either immediate donation or sale on our $2 rack. The store receives 100% of the sales price after an items' expiration. There are no exceptions.

When can I get my money?

  • Your money is available via store credit the moment the item sells. However, if you wish to draw a check, the money is not available until the month following the items sale. IE. A blouse sells on January 1st for $15.00 you have a $6 credit that you can use immediately. If you do nothing that $6 becomes available to you in the form of a check on the 1st of February. Your credits don’t expire for one year. We pay with checks and our system will not produce a check for less than $10.00, but you are able to use your credit as in store credit at any time. 

Do I get a discount on my purchases?

  • Yes, you do. You receive 15% off all purchases in our store with the exception of sale items and hand crafted items (jewelry, etc).

  • ​If you have questions that we didn’t cover, please send an email to:  and I will send a personal reply.  If the question is of a general nature, I will probably add it to this list of FAQ.