Consignment Agreement
Robbins Retirement, LLC DBA

535 Stevens St  Ste C    Medford, OR 97504     541-973-2400

1.Retained Fees: Sixty percent (60%) of the selling price shall be retained by Fit For A Queen and Forty percent of the selling price (40%) shall be made in payment to the consignor following the terms stated in this agreement.

2.Consignment Term and Pricing
All items are consigned for a period of ninety (90) days*. Fit For A Queen will set all prices on all consignments pertaining to this agreement. Fit For A Queen reserves the right to run special promotions to expedite the sale of merchandise at any time. Automatic price reductions are as follows:
  •  Items are full price for the first thirty (30) days.
  •  Items are reduced 25% off month two (2).
  •  Items are reduced 50% off for two weeks, then 75% off for two weeks in month three (3).

  *Designer items, scrubs and jewelry are exempt from the automatic price reduction. Fit For A Queen retains the right to run specials to expedite the sale of the merchandise. The expiration period for these (pink tagged) items is 1 year; If not picked up at the end of the year mark they will become the property of Fit For a Queen.

3.Discount for ACTIVE consignors: A 15% discount will be given on purchases of regular priced items at Fit For A Queen to all active consignors during the 90 day period they have consigned items for sale at Fit For A Queen. This discount does not apply to handmade jewelry “No Discount” items, sale items or clearance items.

4.Liability: Although Fit For A Queen strives to protect all consigned items, Fit For A Queen assumes no liability for the loss, theft, damage to or destruction of any item consigned.

5.Imperfect Merchandise: Items in need of repair/cleaning may be donated w/o further notice to the Consignor. 

6.Consignment Pickups
  •  Consignors may pick up unsold consigned items prior to termination date stated on this agreement. Items may not be picked up after the termination date- NO EXCEPTIONS!
  •  Any items remaining at Fit For A Queen, after the agreement termination date will become the property of Fit For A Queen and disposition is at the discretion of Fit For A Queen management.
  • Consignors will be responsible for pulling all items they choose to pick up. 

7.Consignment payments
  •  Payment to consignors will be distributed Monday through Friday and are available on the 1st of each month or thereafter for the preceding month’s sales.
  •  Store Credit may be taken for any balance due to consignor prior to the payout date. 
  •  Consignors will be responsible to pick up their consignment payments at Fit For A Queen.
  •  Payments will not be mailed to consignors. 
  • Checks will not be cut for less than $10.00.
  •  Consignment payments will be voided 90 days after the agreement termination date stated on this consignment agreement. Voided consignment payments will become the property of Fit For A Queen for services rendered.

8. Record keeping and Follow-up Calls: It is the responsibility of the consignor to maintain all records of consigned merchandise. A computerized list of consigned items will be emailed within seven (7) days of consigning items. Sold items are available for viewing online @ Your email is your login and your password is your email until you change it (your option). 

9.Disputes and Resolutions: All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place in Medford, Oregon at the expense of the consignor. 
Rev: 01/01/201